What’s New?

Learning From Home ~ Free Resources

With the world changed so much, NOPLAN is offering additional free resources for children who are now learning at home. (Please help yourself to the Freebies page as well.) Feel free to use the worksheets, but please understand that they are provided for your personal use. All work is copyright.

CONDITION OF USE: These worksheets are designed to assist student learning. They are not intended to be used as ‘busy work’. Please sit with your child to assist, encourage and praise his or her effort. 

Each week or so the free resources will be changed to assist learning during the ongoing self isolation. Click on a hyperlinked title and you should be taken to a PDF, which you can download. This is an ongoing program, so please let me know of any mistakes, typos or concerns. I hope what is on offer is of some use. This week’s activities:

  1. Addition 10s & 1s: Another worksheet to consolidate the addition algorithm.
  2. Counting Objects: One for the younger folk to practice counting.
  3. Nouns: Work on identifying and grouping nouns.
  4. Number Facts: A multi page resource to practise basic multiplication facts.
  5. Plurals: Exercises in writing the plural form of given words.
  6. Problem Solving: Another worksheet focused on +n & -n.
  7. Punctuation: A worksheet requiring students to punctuate given sentences.
  8. Skip Counting: As the title suggests.
  9. Wordsearch 1: One more for upper primary students.
  10. WordSearch 2: One for middle to upper students.

Come back again, as more will be added during the week.