Brain Centred Learning

The brain is like a finger print – each one is different. A child’s brain is a “work in progress” and should not be seen as a fully developed adult brain. Through brain centred learning, there are many tips and tricks to help children learn.


NOPLAN offers a variety of proven brain centred activities that will engage children. Through stimulation and motivation, they will be reinforcing, or perhaps ‘rewiring’. their learning process.

Here’s a sample of what we offer:


Brain Tune Up: Spot The Difference

There is nothing new about ‘Spot The Difference’ activities. Whilst often viewed as a quick game of little value, engaging children in a ‘Spot The Difference’ exercise will tune up a number of brain areas and cognitive functions:

  1.  You have to iden­tify the objects that you see: this involves your occip­i­tal lobes.
  2.  You have to ana­lyse the spa­tial rela­tion­ships between the images that you see: this involves your occip­i­tal and pari­etal lobes.
  3.  You have to remem­ber what you see in one image and com­pare it to what you see in the other image. In other words, you have to use your short-term mem­ory: This involves your frontal and pari­etal lobes.
  4.  You have to mark down or verbalise the loca­tions where you see a dif­fer­ence. This involves using movement and speech areas of your brain.

Sounds easy? Why not try finding the five differences in these photos:

WWII.02     WWII.01

Let us know if you need help with a solution!

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