I starting my primary school teaching journey in the 1970’s. For the vast majority of my career, I was a teaching principal and spent some years as a deputy principal. Now retired, I keep in touch with pedogogy through relief teaching and remain passionate about seeing every child develop to the maximum of his or her potential. As a parent and grandparent, I continue to be dumbfounded by the political interference that has caused the shift in educational emphasis from students to statistics.

Why the name ‘NOPLAN’?

I see the Australia wide NAPLAN process as a major contributor to this pedagogical change. NAPLAN has been running for over ten contentious years now and has contributed to little improvement in Literacy and Numeracy on the worldwide stage. As I see it NAPLAN has demonstrated NOPLAN for success!

What is the NOPLAN Plan?

The NOPLAN Plan is a varied catalogue of activities, which can engage students in a number of ways. The program is solidly based on current syllabi and pedagogy. It is flexible enough to be used at school with a whole class, small group or individual. It is equally suited to home use by parents. Planned on levels, it can also be used across grades as either an enrichment, extension program or for special needs children and reluctant learners.

Whilst addressing the content of the National Curriculum, the NOPLAN Plan is not intended to be a stand-alone curriculum package. Rather, it should be seen as a resource that can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual child. NOPLAN is targeted at primary school levels, but may be of assistance to older students with specific needs.

I offer this site as a resource for parents and teachers who may want to explore and expand developmental opportunities for a particular child, or group of children. There are some freebies available for you to try here. After that, there is an ever increasing array of resources for you to access for nominal charges. (Please draw upon my experience and help me earn a little “pocket money”.)

Why use the NOPLAN Plan?

Current assessment and reporting policies ask teachers to document and students to demonstrate what they have learnt. So does the NOPLAN Plan. Each student is required to complete a range of activities relating to the National Curriculum. The topics are integrated across the whole curriculum, with a focus on literacy and numeracy skills. NOPLAN worksheets can be kept as a record in a student’s portfolio.

Positive reinforcement is a strong motivator. At the same time, children will not be well motivated if the have low self-esteem. NOPLAN activities are achievable in a short time frame, being flexible enough to target learning at the individual’s level. This provides the child with a feeling of success and a desire to seek further enjoyable educational experiences. NOPLAN also has an emphasis on brain-centred learning, with activities designed to be purposeful, practical and positive. NOPLAN is not about ‘busy work’.

How does NOPLAN work?

Printable resources are provided in PDF format. (We recommend the use of the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader.) There are no membership or subscription fees associated with NOPLAN. If you find a resource that you would like to use, simply buy that item. Under normal copyright rules, the resource is provided for your personal use. You will be able to download a purchased resource twice, (once at home and once at work). You generally have three days to download a resource before access expires.

For your peace of mind, payment is made with PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can provide PayPal with your credit card number and the payment will be processed. (This would have to be one of the most secure online payment methods.) Alternative payment methods may be available upon request, with my due consideration to spammers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs that may not appear to be addressed here. We would also welcome any feedback from you.

Thank you.